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Smooth talkers

Smooth talk. We are all seduced by smooth talk at some point in our life. It begins when we are young, right? Commercials. We are smooth talked from a young age to want, no need, that newest toy. Go see that newest movie. Need the new toy from the new movie. We don’t grow out of that though do we? As we get a little older and a little more sophisticated, it’s the new shoes, or jeans, or jewelry or phone. Adults- you too! How about that car, house, neighborhood.

We would all like to think we are impervious to smooth talk . The sad truth is, it gets us all the time. Often we put too much importance on the words people are saying and don’t do enough observing the actions those people are taking. We hear that smooth talk and are seduced by how pretty it sounds. We desperately want it to be true. We want people to like us. If we have that right pair of shoes, jeans, phone, watch, car, house, neighborhood we will be accepted, liked even. We desire the things because we falsely believe all …

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